If a tree falls in Woodyard Road…

…will anyone in West Dunbartonshire Council hear it?

Okay, so I’ve bastardized the original, philosophical conundrum quote, but with good reason.  On 3rd January 2012, a storm brought down a number of trees in and around Levengrove and Posties parks, including one which fell across Woodyard Road, blocking it completely.  This was the scene…

Woodyard Tree.jpg

West Dunbartonshire Council personnel duly came along and cleared the road, but I noticed that they didn’t do anything about the lamp-post and wall that were knocked down by the tree.  Weeks, and then months went by.  The jagged edges and inner workings of the lamp-post were eventually wrapped and the stones from the wall were cleared from the pavement and put onto the grass verge.  But no repairs were ever done.  West Dunbartonshire Council seemed to clean forget that a tree knocked down a lamp-post and demolished a wall on Woodyard Road.

Twenty months after the storm, this is how the scene looks today…

Woodyard Tree Damage.jpg

The lamp-post stump is still there, still wrapped in plastic to deter prying fingers, and the stones from the wall still lie around the grass verge…or at least those that have survived being hoiked into the river by ‘spirited’ passers-by.

I used to believe that the Council’s failure to repair the storm damage was an indication of the general level of neglect that is often seen in Dumbarton, and perhaps this is the case. However, after hearing the Education Services Committee explaining how Woodyard Road would need to be widened to accommodate the extra traffic from the proposed school development on Posties, I’m now wondering if there has been a conscious and deliberate choice not to invest any money in an area which is earmarked for change of use.  If this is the case, it would mean that plans have been afoot to develop Posties for much longer than we all suspect.  And if that’s the case, then doesn’t this render the current ‘public consultation’ meaningless?


– MAx


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