Save Posties Park – Make Your Voice Heard…

I made this short video to remind Dumbartonians (and West Dunbartonshirers…) what they stand to lose if West Dunbartonshire Council get their way and build the new Our Lady and St Patrick’s school on Posties Park.

Some of the Council officials have made very dismissive and disparaging remarks about Posties Park, but it really is a lovely part of our town. It’s hard to capture Posties’ charm in a short video like this – especially when the filmographer {moi} is a rank amateur (and technophobe). If you’re in any doubt, take a visit to Posties and see for yourself what we stand to lose.

Please, please engage in the Council’s consultation process. Drop them a line or give them a call before the 13th November 2013 to tell them not to build on Posties Park.

These are the ways you can get in touch :

  • by using the Council’s Contact Centre (tel: 01389 738282;
  • by writing to the Executive Director of Educational Services at West Dunbartonshire Council HQ, Garshake Road, Dumbarton G82 3PU or
  • by e-mailing

No matter what anyone says, there is a viable alternative to this environmental vandalism. If you don’t speak now, we could lose Posties forever.

Please make your voice heard.

Thank you.

– MAx


12 thoughts on “Save Posties Park – Make Your Voice Heard…

    • Thanks a lot. I know it’s not super-professional, but hopefully it will do the job and get a few folk thinking about this issue. I should have asked your club to help me and I probably wouldn’t have had three hours of sweat and tears!

  1. You’re in denial. I’ve lived in Dumbarton all my life. The town centre is dead and a new secondary school would rejuvenate the area. Levengrove park will live on. Don’t think a stirring tune and a few shots of trees is going to have any impact.

    • Believe me when I say that I am fully aware of how difficult a challenge it will be to engage in a meaningful and fair consultation process with this Administration. There’s no denial there. Over 1600 signatures on a petition saying that we don’t want our park turned into a school, yet still they steam on, regardless.

      So should I just sit back and let it happen, and then bitch and moan afterwards when one of our few green spaces has been destroyed? I’d rather try and make some change now, and whether you think it’s a waste of time or not – well, it’s my time, and I can do with it what I want.

      I am, however, really interested to know details of how the new secondary school is going to rejuvenate the town centre. So, let’s hear it. If you write me some measured arguments, I promise that I’ll publish them and we can have a proper debate, rather than just throwing dismissive comments at each other.

  2. We need a new school and it is OLSP’s turn but what’s wrong with the current site? So far Terry Lanagan has been economic with the truth regarding the Cardross Road site. It has far better access, no-one can deny that, is near a station and on a main road and a bus route and is located in a densely populated area where many of its pupils live. The loss of such a major amenity would be a huge loss to the West End which has pockets of deprivation within it and who rely on the school for sports and community facilities.

  3. Posties/Levengrove is a beauty spot which is used and well-appreciated by thousands of local people. Can you imagine Glasgow city Council building a new school on Bellahouston Park, or Kelvingrove Park. Why is it we in Dumbarton have to put up with this kind of environmental philistinism?

  4. As far as I can see, it’s a selfish political move that does not consider the wider impact upon our community. I’d be interested to know how I can help to dissuade them from going ahead with this, other than contacting the Council directly, which I’ve already done. It’s a horrendous thought to imagine a school being built there.

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  6. Well done Max on making this video to highlight what would be lost if the new school was built on Posties. Am I being naive in thinking that the main argument against building on Posties is that this land was gifted to the people of the area and does NOT belong to the Council?

    As other comments have illustrated at least 2 new secondary schools in West Dunbartonshire – Vale of Leven and Clydebank – have successfully been built on existing sites. Why not OLSP?

    • Thanks for lending your support, Jean.

      Although most people don’t make a distinction between Levengrove and Posties, they are actually two separate parcels of land. Levengrove was gifted to the people by McMillan and Denny but Posties was given to the council in lieu of rent arrears by the then owner. It doesn’t enjoy the classification of ‘common ground’. As such, the Council can legally lay claim to it with impunity. But not morally.

      And you’re absolutely right about building on the current site. It is completely feasible, and the children would be minimally inconvenienced. The plan for Castlehill, as it stands, doesn’t allow for a second football pitch and Mr Lanagan is making much of this to whip up a frenzy in the parent/teacher collective to support his plan to build on Posties. Instead, he should be creatively exploring all ideas to fit in that second pitch – like by putting it over the road at the old Convent site, for example. I think he should be made to answer why he’s so actively pushing one site over another during a consultation which is supposed to be balanced.

      Jean, if you can, please drop a line to the Council before 13th November to tell them not to build on Posties. Thank you so much.

  7. Terry Lanagan’s biased contribution must be investigated by WDC and the Scottish Government, serious questions need to be asked about this council employee’s behaviour. He should be removed from the process.

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