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This morning, a small representation from the Save Posties Park campaign, presented a binder of petition signatures to West Dunbartonshire Council (WDC), just ahead of the end of the formal schools consultation process for Our Lady and St. Patrick’s High.  The documents were handed over by Rose Harvie from Silverton and Overtoun Community Council and received on behalf of WDC by Peter Hessett, Head of Legal, Democratic and Regulatory Services.

The petition to save Posties Park was started back in May by the late Sheila Urquhart from Dumbarton East and Central Community Council, when the news emerged that Posties Park was the Council’s preferred site for the new school.  Since then, campaigners have taken the petition to a number of community events, including the East End Park gala day, the Scottish Pipe Bands championships and the West Dunbartonshire cross-country championships, and it has been enthusiastically welcomed at all of these.  Petition forms were even produced outside the Council HQ at Garshake before the Education Services committee meeting in September, and a number of council employees, including senior officials, took the time to sign.

As well as these paper petition forms, the campaign also created an online petition, which you can read and sign here.

Since May, over 1300 signatures have been received on the paper petitions, and over 600 on the online petition.  The number continues to grow daily.

In spite of this, it seems that the Council may only treat these many hundreds of signatures as one submission to the consultation process.  This makes your own individual submission all the more vital if you want to help save the Park.  There is still time to contribute individually, as long as you do so today.  You can phone the council on 01389 738282 or email them at contactcentre@west-dunbarton.gov.uk or education.centralregistry@west-dunbarton.gov.uk.

The notion of losing our lovely park is a bitter pill to swallow, but for this blogger at least, the strength of the community support for Posties has been a real tonic.  It is heart-warming to see our community coming together to support this campaign, and it gives me strength for the fight ahead and hope for the future of our town.

Thank you.

– MAx


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