A convincing argument from an expert witness…

I was delighted to catch one of my all-time heroes, Sir David Attenborough, talking to Sarah Montague on the Today show this morning, during my commute to Edinburgh.


As ever, I found him to be an engaging orator, and his message to be moderate, balanced and intelligent.  However, this morning I felt as though he was speaking directly to me, as one of the topics he touched on was our ongoing destruction of green spaces to accommodate our burgeoning population, something that touches right at the heart of the Save Posties Park debate.

He highlighted the irony of how we try to teach children about nature, while having built the very classrooms they are learning in on the green spaces where they could have enjoyed nature in person.

“The only places where they can find places to build those classrooms is on the one plot of green landscape on which children learned about daisies and buttercups and newts and frogs and tadpoles.”

When Sarah Montague asked him for his opinion on what can be done about this situation, Sir David replied :

“Those of us who think that’s important, to fight our corner, and to say to the authorities, look this is essential that children should have a view of the natural world.”

I can’t think of any better advice than that. The Save Posties Park campaigners do think it’s important to save this essential green-space, and we need to continue to fight our corner. Those who would suggest that we are not thinking of the best interests of our local children when we campaign for the park, should have a listen to Sir David’s message. You can find the full audio of the interview here.

– MAx


1 thought on “A convincing argument from an expert witness…

  1. Sir David speaks for all of us who still feel a natural connection with our planet. Unlike some who abuse it and treat it like a commodity that they can control.

    Sustainability is supposed to be at the heart of Curriculum for Excellence and so is Health and Wellbeing. It is baffling therefore why such disregard is shown for the two in the proposal to build on Posties.

    I am an educator and I believe that children need to connect with nature. If we don’t promote and value this then we are setting these children up towards living very empty, unhappy lives in an increasingly materialistic world.

    We must practise what we preach!

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