The return of the Ramboll report…

Déjà vu.  That’s what it feels like to see geotechnical surveys underway on Posties Park again.  The exact same contractor who carried out coring and sampling in autumn 2013 for the Educational Services Team has now been brought back by the Infrastructure and Regeneration Team to do exactly the same again.  And presumably the subsequent report will be an exact facsimile of the last one.

I’m relatively sure that West Dunbartonshire Council doesn’t have great scads of cash to throw about on a whim, so I do hope that another round of extensive testing on Posties is nothing less than critical and can be evidenced as such.


Haven’t I seen you somewhere before…?

So, as the Council sets its subcontractors to carry out their survey work on every part of Posties Park both upper fields and the lower field/functional flood plain – for the second time in just two years, we’ll just have to trust that they have good reason to:

(a) commission a whole new round of tests rather than re-using the data from 2 years ago, and;

(b) extend their testing well beyond the apparent parameters of their redevelopment proposal to upgrade the running track.

The very friendly and chatty surveyors said that they didn’t know why they’d been asked to take core samples from every part of Posties Park rather than just the running track – they were just following Council instructions.  Whilst we ponder the reasoning behind these instructions, and wait with bated breath for the next production of the Ramboll report, let’s just hope that our Council doesn’t move the goalposts… and, for the first time ever, I mean that literally and metaphorically.


Taking samples from the lower field at Posties Park.


The aftermath of yesterday’s sampling on the Clyde-side field facing the Castle.


Taking core samples from the land between Posties running track and Levengrove Park.

–  MAx


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