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Posties from above 2

Posties Park is a well-used green space in Dumbarton.  It sits at the confluence of the Rivers Leven and Clyde, in the shadow of Dumbarton Castle.  Posties Park adjoins Levengrove Park, which was gifted to the townspeople by wealthy local benefactors in 1885, and subsequently adopted by the local authority, West Dunbartonshire Council. Posties Park is well-used and popular for recreation and sport.  Unfortunately though, it does not enjoy the status of ‘common good’ ground, and this allows the Council to continually propose it as a potential site for development.

Many of the people who use and enjoy Posties Park, including myself, wish to keep it as a park, and strongly object to any proposal to change the site use from recreation and leisure.

In 2013, West Dunbartonshire Council proposed to build a large secondary school on Posties Park, which led to a huge community campaign and the birth of this blog.  The Council’s proposal was eventually overturned in January 2014 in the face of significant community objection.

Now (September 2015) the Council propose to make a significant financial investment into Posties Park to modernise the running track and add a 3G football pitch to the site.  If the plan was to do this and make these facilities open and free to the community, they would most likely attract a great deal of support.  However, the Council plan involves transferring Posties from the purview of their Parks and Recreation team to their Leisure Trust, and, in doing so, closing off the new facilities to all but a small section of the community (schools and fee-paying clubs).  This represents a net loss to the vast majority of the community.

I am writing this blog as a resident of Dumbarton and lover of Posties Park.  The views contained within it are my own, unless specifically stated.


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